Friday, November 11, 2011

Underwoods on the move

Ok, so I vastly underestimated the amount of time it takes to make a weekly post on my blog.

By the time I get my three kiddos to bed, my preschool lesson prepared for the next day, get clothes laid out, prepare lunches and watch some of my DVR'd shows - I really don't feel like getting on the computer.  My IPhone is a wonderful crutch to check email, facebook, etc.  The past few weeks I have barely even turned on my computer.  Let me tell ya how much I love looking up "first grade facts" sitting in my van in car line.  (Yes, I LOVE multi-tasking)

We have been so busy this fall.  My oldest two are in school, so there is nightly homework, projects and field trips.  And can I give a shout out to Caleb & Madelyn's school?  I can not describe how much I love CSLA.  The energy in our school is electric - learning is fun..... all the time.  Does that mean my kids are happy 24/7?  No, but Madelyn does cry when she can't go to school on the weekends.  Kindergarten is so exciting and jam packed with activities, that I want to go with Madelyn every day.

Field trip to Rock City
Caleb's last flag football game is tomorrow and he has loved it!  Woo hoo!  Finally, a sport I love that he actually enjoys playing.  The girls, Leah especially, have enjoyed cheering for brother during his games.  Even in freezing cold.  Leah calls it "Caleb's foostball."  She is just so stinkin adorable.  My little boy turned 8 in October.  I can't believe it.  He still gives me hugs and kisses at school.... I know that will not last forever.

Rainy day outing
Madelyn has been taking ballet, tap & jazz since August and has found a passion for dance that I had as a child and teenager.  She loves the ballet portion more than I even expected and stated that she is not too shy to perform in the winter recital.  What luck that her dance studio is performing the Nutcracker, which happens to be Caleb's favorite Christmas music of all time.

The Underwood family has also (finally) joined Burks Methodist.  Hey, we only have been "visiting" for 2 years.  The morning we joined the church should have it's own blog post.

First, let me state, that Matt and I completely shot ourselves in the foot.  We voluntarily took our family to a local amusement park's Halloween extravaganza the night before.  It was one of the kid's friends birthday party and we just couldn't say no.  Mostly because we had as much fun as the kids!  And we stayed out until (gasp) 11 pm, knowing full well that we were joining the church the next morning.

Smart, huh?

My poor son was begging me in the pew to let him go home and take a nap, Leah was pitching a fit during the silent prayer and Madelyn just looked exhausted.  But stand up in front of the church we did, with 5 other families.  I really couldn't hear anything our pastor was saying, only the threats and bribes Matt and I were making with Caleb & Leah.  It ended with Leah shouting out "all done Mommy!" during the closing prayer and me running her down the aisle, tucked under my arm, with my hand over her mouth.  Nice.......

So, we are now members and probably the laughing stock of Hixson.  Oh well, we keep it real.

Acting shy for the camera at Preschool
Fall is just insanely busy with my oldest two in elementary school, me teaching 2 days a week and Leah attending preschool 2 days a week.  Throw in birthday parties, play dates, sleep overs and getting together with friends...... and we are barely home.

Leah following her sister on the Teddy Bear Parade
But, I have a secret.  I love all of this fall craziness and the fun my family of five is having......  Don't tease me when I complain that I am tired.  ;)