Friday, September 30, 2011

My Renaissance Man

Though I originally intended for my blog to contain stories, pictures and anecdotes about my three children, it has become obvious to me that I may need to vent about other topics.  :)  No, I will not delve into politics or any other hot button issues, but us moms have to be able to tell it like it is occasionally.

This brings me to my hubby, Matthew.  He is definitely a Renaissance man in every sense of the word.  He loves studying, math (ack!), science (double ack!), religion, music and reading.  Matt was in school for 11 years - past high school.  He had more drive and determination than anyone I know.  God sent me a very special man.  All of these qualities are what made me fall in love with him..... pretty much immediately.  Good thing he felt the same way too, or I could be writing about the man that got away because I scared him.  ;)  Matt was the one who said he loved me after 2 weeks and thus began our relationship. 

I could not believe that this handsome, kind, funny and loving man was mine.  But, wait ladies, he is also a singer and pianist.  This is how he reeled me in - hook, line and sinker.  Matt writes and composes his own music.   Which he then sings and plays to the ladies.  I think you can see where I am going with this.  When a hottie fraternity boy writes a song with your name in it, you have no choice but to fall in love.  So while his friends were wooing girls with beer, sarcasm and the occasionally chicken wing - my Matthew was playing to my heart.

I write this not to make you jealous, but to preface the rant that is to follow.  I love the unique qualities that my husband possesses, but they are also what can drive me crazy!  Matt has wanted to be a professional musician pretty much from the time he was 12.  However, he was smart enough (with guidance from his parents) to realize he needed a profession where he got paid on a regular basis.  So, now he is a pharmacist by day, and a ROCK STAR by night.  I am not being sarcastic.  He is currently transforming his Man Cave in the basement into an in-home recording studio.  And we have 3 kids seven and under.  Sounds easy, right?

I want to support him in his dream..... and I do.  However, real life keeps me from being super supportive.  I end up being sarcastic so I won't holler at him.  All I see is visions of him performing "gigs" all over the south, while I am here working part time, running the kiddos to school, running Madelyn to ballet, Caleb to football, helping with homework, projects & volunteering at the big kid's school - alone.  Right now I pretty much run things by myself.  I am OCD enough that I kind of prefer it that way.  However, whenever I ask for help, Matt steps right up.

By the way, I must insert a promo plug for his music here.  He had uploaded a ton of videos of himself playing the piano & singing.  Search for Matthew Underwood on You Tube.  He has great versions of The Frey, Billy Joel, Alice in Chains, etc.

The thing I am most frustrated about is my fear that this will change our lives.  I really do want my hubby to record a CD and fulfill his dream.  I just LOVE our life now.  You might sense that I love big changes, huh?  I do love adventure and new jobs, hobbies, etc.  I just kind of gave up all of that adventure when I had my 3 precious kiddos.  Don't all moms do that?

I need to take the leap, support my wonderful hubby and see what is waiting around the corner. 

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